FASHION ILLUSTRATION                                                                

                                                         I often communicate fashion ideas and stories through Fashion Illustration. It’s important to

                                                                convey creative thoughts through Fashion Illustration to bring these to life in a visual way for client’s

                                                                 to fully understand and appreciate. I also undertake Illustration Commissions and Illustration

                                                                 Portraits for private clients.







By illustrating fashion concepts and ideas, I can provide a personal creative input

and portray a mood feeling for the design team to understand. On occasions, it is

difficult to locate suitable visual images to depict a forthcoming trend or mood.

Because I can illustrate this myself, my creative concepts can always be articulated

in a visual format for clients.









I am regularly commissioned by Clients to develop art pieces on canvas or paper for their

                                                                         homes. These often include fashion orientated visuals in colourways to suit particular

                                                                         interiors. I also draw and paint portraits for clients. My unique style is free hand, flowing,

                                                                         feminine, sophisticated and elegant. If you would like me to create a bespoke illustration

                                                                         for you, please contact me here.