I work primarily as a Trend Forecasting Consultant for Trend Forecasting Companies plus clients in fashion, lifestyle and interior industries. The benefits of hiring an external/freelance Trend Forecasting Consultant is the wealth of fresh thinking and experience that an in-house team may be too busy to provide. A Research-Driven Brand Relevance to bring the Right Product to THE BRAND.



I offer the following Trend Forecasting Services which may vary depending upon the brief and client’s requirements.

Always aware of changes in consumer and market behavior. Everything I do is related to how these Concepts influence the individual, the ‘INNER-SELF’ and how can improve our lives and wellness.

I offer a Utilised in-dept 360 degrees of Design and Lifestyle Industries, from Brands, Health & Fitness, Tech, Interiors, and Travel, providing commercially successful Trend Directions for Buyers and Designers to adapt or use directly to own Bussines and buying strategies.

Visual Layouts and Mood Boards. These visual layouts are used to bring an idea or subject matter to life which can be referred to by the design team. Inspirational tools for interior, fashion and lifestyle companies providing vital guidance when starting their Seasonal Vision and Collections.

Concept and Trend Research: I conduct in-depth concept and trend research for Forecasting and Consulting Platforms in interiors, lifestyle and fashion industries. I present creative concepts that I feel will resonate with a macro or micro-trend in the relevant sector. These Concepts are based on a socio-cultural analysis, relevant subjects, as well as new approaches to an existing concept.

Concept Development:

-Presentation of Lifestyle/Interior Concepts in a Mood board format -Concept Resources

-Customer profile and Lifestyle

-Colour palette and fabric options

-Creation of mood boards with an indication of colour usage and proportion

-Concept Research development in the different areas/categories (styling pages – very product focus)


Visual Languages: The message/concept is conveyed through inspirational mood boards consisting of images, illustrations, text and other mixed media in a composition.


Web 1920 – 9@2x




Trend Forecasting Consultant Experience


My experience in design within retail global companies helps me to translate the original concept first ideas to decipher trends and concepts for your target market. You can read my full CV on LinkedIn.